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Joinery Beerhall + Rotisserie in Sausalito

April 5, 2020
View of the Joinery Beerhall + Rotisserie from the back deck patio.

Housed in an unassuming building and swathed in grey paint, one might mistake the Joinery Beerhall + Rotisserie to be a waterfront office building instead of a restaurant. Located on the harbor side of Bridgeway Ave and a bit removed from the throngs of tourists that visit Sausalito each day, the Joinery offers a moderately priced, yet ideal, waterfront dining experience.

Pegged as a beer hall and rotisserie, the Joinery highlights the simplicity of a restaurant that offers an abbreviated menu in which every item is executed well.  From noon to night, you will likely find a line of locals and tourists snaking its way out of the restaurant’s side doors. Once inside, the day’s menu is affixed on the wall covering all the choices from plates to sides and sweets. Fair warning, choosing your meal will be the most difficult part.

The Joinery menu is mounted on the wall including a selection of daily specials.

The menu at the Joinery.

Line of customers at the Joinery

Line at the register.

Keeping with the beer hall theme, the Joinery offers a selection of German beers along with a couple of domestic options, too. During the summer, there is often a radler on the menu, which combines beer and citrus juice or soda to make an already refreshing beer even more so. They usually keep the wine options under $15 and local, which is only reasonable when the restaurant is located close to two of the best winegrowing regions in the country. If wine or beer don’t suit your entire party, a selection of juices, soda, coffee, or tea can also be had.

Indoor seating at the Joinery.

Indoor seating options accommodate small and large groups.

More seating at the Joinery.

On to the main event: the food. As mentioned, Joinery is a combination beer hall and rotisserie, and, walking into the restaurant, you can immediately smell the roasting hens. But brews and poultry are not the only menu items that the Joinery does well, so if you can (and want) to order a few items, here are a few menu highlights:

FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH ($12) – The Best fried chicken sandwich I’ve ever tasted. Think crispy, not soggy, fried chicken topped with calabrian chili aïoli, shaved fennel and arugula on a butter toasted sesame bun.

**Pro tip: ask for the greens on the side and, voila, a sandwich and salad for under $15.

PORCHETTA SANDWICH ($13) – Spit-roasted pork loin and belly served with cracklings, mustard greens and ancho vinegar on ciabatta.

JOINERY BURGER ($11) – A classic executed to perfection. Order with all the fixings (lettuce, tomato, pickle, grilled onions and special sauce. Bring it to the next level by adding bacon (+$1.50) and sharp cheddar cheese (+$1.00).

PULLED PORK TACOS ($12) – Three tacos are piled high with pickled carrot, jalapeño, crema and pepitas on a bed of corn tortillas. The sweetness of the sauce is balanced nicely with the additional veggies.

BURRATA & SWEET PEPPERS ($12) – Soft cheese is paired with currants and herbs. Spread over a slice of the hearty country levain to round out this rich indulgence.

FRENCH FRIES ($4) – Crispy, perfectly fried and great for sharing or not.

Joinery Fried Chicken Sandwich.

The crispiest fried chicken sandwich.

Joinery Fried Chicken Sandwich.


Once your order is placed, wait for your drinks to be delivered at the register and then grab your table number and choose a seat. Keeping with the beer hall theme, the Joinery has bench style seating to seat larger parties as well as smaller tables. If the weather is nice, which it usually is in Sausalito, head outside to the back patio to dine.

Outdoor deck at the Joinery.

The outdoor deck at the Joinery.

To sum it up, the Joinery is an ideal waterside watering hole that offers a great option for drinks and a limited, yet well-executed, menu for groups large and small in Sausalito. Be sure to check it out the next time you’re in the neighborhood. Cheers!

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Chocolate chip banana bread.

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